Month: March 2022


What You Should Consider Before Adding a Home Addition

If you are looking to add a home addition to your home, here are some factors when considering. You should keep these things in mind before hiring a home addition contractor. This way, you can ensure you are actually getting what you want and you won’t be paying too much for a service that you might not even need.… Read More

10 Problems with Your AC

There are many things that can go wrong with your AC. This can be absolutely horrendous in the summertime with scorching temperatures. Therefore, it is important to be able to identify these issues and call your local air conditioning repair person as soon as possible.… Read More

Things to Do to Get Ready for Summer: Home Edition

Summer is all about getting outside and enjoying the sun. And that’s what you can do in the summertime. Summertime is also the perfect time to get some work done in and around your home. Some of the things to do to get ready for summer include: Create a List of Your Goals for Summer One of the things to do to get ready for summer is to create a list of your goals and put them in your work schedule.… Read More

Cleaning Up After a Flood

Several American homes are heavily damaged or even completely destroyed by floods every single year. The damage inflicted by these storms can not only affect the lower layers of your home, but the integrity of the entire building itself. If these problems aren’t taken care of the right way, your home could be in danger of even more costly damage.… Read More

Tips for Installing Your Home Elevator

You may be interested in installing an elevator in your home for increased comfort. Having a home elevator could allow you to have quicker access to parts of your home. The best elevator company for you will ensure the job is completed in a safe manner and create a design that is tailored for your home.… Read More

Screening in a Patio

Screening in a porch is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in a comfortable, bug-free environment. However, the screen itself can sag, develop holes and need replacing every few years. Do you have a patio that you want to screen in?… Read More

Clean Your Carpet Like a Pro

Do you have dirty carpets that need some major cleaning? Then this video is meant for you. Tune in to hear about the five tips to clean your carpet like a pro. To clean your carpets you will first need to make sure you have all the necessary supplies.… Read More

Installing a Motion-Censored Flood Light

Do you want home security lighting for your home? Motion sensor lights light the way when you return home in the dark and also discourage potential intruders. If you have an existing floodlight, they are especially easy to install. This video will teach you how to wire and install a motion sensor light.… Read More

Home Remodeling Tips

Do you want to update your home but have no idea where to start? This video will be very useful for you when starting your home remodeling journey. Hilary, from old world home, talks about little things you can start doing to give your home a new look without hiring someone else to do the work and spending tons of money.… Read More

Landscaping Is a Must for Your Home

Do you want to give your yard an upgrade that all the neighbors will be talking about? This video will give you tips on how to design the perfect landscape for your home. The best thing to do once you have decided you want to do some yard landscaping is to draw up a plan.… Read More
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