Cleaning Up After a Flood

Several American homes are heavily damaged or even completely destroyed by floods every single year. The damage inflicted by these storms can not only affect the lower layers of your home, but the integrity of the entire building itself. If these problems aren’t taken care of the right way, your home could be in danger of even more costly damage. If you live in a state that is constantly on the watch for floods, you should develop a game plan for home water damage cleanup before the problem arises. This video shares 5 steps to recover from home water damage after a flood.

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First of all, you need to establish the floodline in the home. Anything below this line can harbor extensive water damage, and should probably be trashed. The walls, carpets, and drywall can be easily cut up and taken to the dumpster. Obviously, leave the wooden structure in-tact, but remove carpet and padding down to the bedrock. Restoring this material would cost more than simply replacing it entirely. Use a knife to cut out only the insulation that is damaged, so you can avoid pulling it all out. Investing in a plan before a flood happens is vital to properly handling it.


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