Day: January 5, 2022


Tips for Tree Trimming

This 2022, check on the health of your trees! Make an annual tree trimming your new year task. Look for dead trees and hanging limbs in your yard. Give time to do some tree pruning and trimming. You may ask, why bother?… Read More

Why it is Important to Care for Trees

Most homeowners ignore their trees until there is a problem. By caring for your trees, you can prevent costly problems. The Smiling Gardner lists what you need to know about tree care. If you’ve just planted a tree, you need to water it two or three times a week for the first year.… Read More

What Could be Wrong with Your Water Heater?

Water heater problems fill homeowners with dread because new water heaters can cost thousands of dollars. However, some water heater problems are fixable. The popular YouTube channel Pros DIY looks at what could be wrong with your water heater. You do need to call a water heater repair professional if the thermostat is not working.… Read More

Is Home Heating Oil Better Than Gas? The Experts Weigh In

Are you contemplating whether to use heating oil or gas in your heating system? These facts are only some of the things that home heating oil companies will gladly share with you to help you decide. About 5.5 million houses in the United States are using heating oil and for good reason.… Read More
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