Why it is Important to Care for Trees

Most homeowners ignore their trees until there is a problem. By caring for your trees, you can prevent costly problems. The Smiling Gardner lists what you need to know about tree care.

If you’ve just planted a tree, you need to water it two or three times a week for the first year.

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A young tree’s root system is not well developed, so it will have more problems getting water than a mature tree. Be sure not to plant anything under the young tree for at least one year. You do not want any other plants competing for water with your young tree. Remove any weeds under the tree.

For young trees or sick trees, consider removing the grass around the tree. This will make sure it does not have anything to compete for water. Grass that grows right up to the trunk can reduce a tree’s growth by up to 50%. Place mulch around the tree to help moisture stay trapped near the tree. Only use mulch less than three inches deep, so it does not attract termites.

Older trees need trimming to help them stay healthy. This helps them produce more fruit or flowers. It also keeps them from dying and becoming hazards to your property.

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