Is Home Heating Oil Better Than Gas? The Experts Weigh In

Are you contemplating whether to use heating oil or gas in your heating system? These facts are only some of the things that home heating oil companies will gladly share with you to help you decide.

About 5.5 million houses in the United States are using heating oil and for good reason.

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It is much safer than gasoline because it only ignites through an advanced burning system within a boiler or furnace. There is a very low possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning because any malfunction in the home heating system will show clear warning signs such as odors and smoke before carbon monoxide is emitted.

Another amazing fact that home heating oil companies will gladly share with you is that heating oil is more environmentally friendly than gasoline. Heating oil produces almost zero emissions, resulting in the reduction of overall emissions by 95%, according to a study made by the National Oil Heat Research Alliance (NORA).

Historical prices over the past 3 decades show that, depending on where you live, the prices of heating oil have been lower than gas. Conversion from heating oil systems to gas oil systems is costly, making it more economical to choose a home heating oil system.

Want to know more about the differences between heating oil and gas? This video has just the information you need.


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