Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Hardwood Flooring

Choosing the perfect hardwood flooring for your interior can be difficult, but this video makes your job easier. It points out that your floor is a pretty permanent fixture that’s not easy to swap out, so pay extra attention during this process.

First, decide the look you want, whether it’s a contemporary look (think plain boards) or a rustic look (think walnut), or something else like furwood and pine. Also, consider the finish. Oil-based finishes are becoming popular, though you need to reapply the oil every few years.

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Then there’s also wire brushing which can create areas that trap dirt. However, a water-based polyurethane finish can solve this problem. Additionally, your finish needs to have a UVB blocker if the wood floors will be exposed to sunlight.

You also learn about the difference between hardwood and engineered wood. Generally, engineered wood is better able to handle expansion and contraction.

One other thing the video encourages you to consider is your budget, which depends on the species and width of the wood, where it’s manufactured, and how much processing it requires.

All in all, the video offers great pointers that’ll help you make a wise decision when choosing hardwood flooring.

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