Natural Stone vs Engineered Stone Countertops

The video below explains the key difference between using natural stone slabs and engineered stone slabs for countertops.

The key difference between a natural stone and an engineered stone is the maintenance required. Natural stone is cored from the earth creating a porous surface that requires sealant to keep it protected. The stone should be sealed once a year for best results.

Video Source

Without sealant natural stone can absorb water and may appear dirty or absorb bacteria.

Engineered stone slabs are typically made of 93% quartz that comes from the earth. The quartz is commonly filled the last 7% with a resin or polyester resin material. This material acts as a sealant and does not require yearly maintenance but can make engineered counters heavier.

Knowing the proper procedures to care for each type of countertop will help ensure counters continue to look their best. The stone should be chosen based on how well it matches the room and the ability to care for the stone slabs. Both options are durable and easy to maintain.

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