Plan Now to Save On Your Home Heating Costs Next Year

The weather is warming up outside, and it’s time to kick on the air conditioner. But it’s also the perfect time to cool off your energy bill too.

In this video, Home Depot recommends ways to reduce heating costs. Whether you use gas, propane, or heating oil, costs will continue to rise. In fact, prices are typically lower in summer and early fall, making it an ideal time to fill tanks.

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Heating unused rooms is a major problem. Homeowners are throwing money away to keep these areas warm. Turn down any low-traffic rooms to cash in immediate savings. Changing filters are often overlooked. Dirty filters have to work harder, so switch these out once a month. Regular inspections are also important. This will uncover any deficiencies within your system. If a heater does need to be replaced, look for the “Energy Star” label. These products are 15% more efficient than standard furnaces and offer optimum performance. New, multi-fuel stoves are gaining in popularity as an alternative heating source. Vent-free fireplaces keep warm air inside rather than out through a chimney.

Don’t wait for the winter to roll back around. Make the necessary changes to reduce your energy bill today.

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