Top Tips for Land Clearing

In this YouTube video, Hamiltonville Farm describes essential things to remember during land clearing.

When there’s a lot of debris, fallen trees, bushes, root balls, and logs, most people dive right in, removing what is blocking their path first. Instead, start with the end goal in mind while planning the land clearing strategy.

Video Source

Consider the paths that may need to be created to get from point A to point B while on foot and or with a vehicle. Work backward from this goal. This determines what needs to be removed first.

When human activity is not present for some time, animals and critters may have decided to take up residence on the land. In wet, humid, warm, or damp and sunny conditions, combined with undergrowth, sticks, logs, brush, and more, don’t ever forget to take a bite and sting kit. Snakes, bees that nest in the ground, and other poisonous critters could be lurking.

Pay attention to the surroundings as land clearing begins. Don’t forget to look below, at eye level, and even what may be above to avoid possible hazards.

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