Last Minute Things to do Before Moving

Moving is stressful. You need time enough time to sort and pack all your things and label the boxes appropriately. Even with months to prepare, there are things you need to do just before you move. These tasks ensure you leave the house in good condition.. Here are some of the last minute things to do before moving.

Clean your Old Home

One of the essential last minute things to do before moving is cleaning your home. If you are selling your home, clean everything. Wash the roof, floors, and windows. You may have to hire a roofing expert to inspect and clean your roof before you leave. Vacuum the floors and clean every fixture within the house. It is proper to leave your home clean for the next occupant.

If you are leaving a rental home, cleaning makes it easier for you and your landlord to assess if there’s any damage to the house. When you clean a home before you leave, you may find items that you may have forgotten to pack. Clean the kitchen cabinets and attics to get everything you own out of the house.

If you are too tired to clean the home after packing, you can hire a cleaning service. It is affordable and ensures every part of the home is clean. You may pay more if you have dirt from a recently finished construction project or home repair. A cleaning service saves you time and ensures that the next occupant is happy to find a sparkling house.

Last Minute Repairs

If you have lived in a home for a long time, there will be some damage. When leaving that home, you must fix it up. It ensures that the next family that occupies it finds it in good condition. Therefore, one of the last minute things to do before moving is to repair any damage. It makes the home more appealing and welcoming to the next occupants.

One of the things you need to repair in your old home is the fencing. Hire a fence contracting service to assess and repair your fence. You may have to buy new sections depending on the type of fence. Or, you can repaint it to update its look and appearance for the subsequent owners.

If there are holes in your yard due to sand and gravel dredging, or children playing, you will have to seal them. Leaving large holes in the yard is risky for the next occupant and the environment. Get a professional to advise and finish the work of ensuring that the yard is safe to stay and play in. You can hire an excavator to help level the ground in your yard. How much you pay for excavator rentals depends on how long the work takes. The more complex the task, the more you will pay.

Proper Packing

Speed packing is one of the last minute things to do before moving. When packing for a last minute move, you do not have the luxury of time. For faster and more efficient packing, label the boxes per room. It will also make it easy to unpack at your new home. To avoid forgetting essential items, make a checklist. It will help to manage the packing progress as you rush to leave for your new home.

last minute packing is the best time to declutter your life. As you pack, sort out what you use from what you do not. Have a basket in each room to throw in the things you do not need. You can sell or give them away. The fewer the things you have for your move, the smaller the vehicle you need to hire and the lower the moving costs.

Remember to keep your essential items safely and close to you during the last minute packing stage. Keep your keys, wallet, and phone someplace safe so that you do not forget them. Also, you do not want to pack them in the wrong bags or car. If you are moving food, powder spray drying is an efficient preservation method to ensure it does not spoil during the move.

Consider All Your Moving Options

One of the last minute things to do before moving is to decide on the different moving options available. Do you want to have some things in your car, or will you hire local movers to move everything? You can hire a trimmer rack to carry the essential items you may require as soon as you get to your new home before the other things arrive.

Do not forget your outdoor items. Get toy haulers if you have large toys and outdoor structures to move to your new home. They have enough space to carry all your outdoor toys and furniture easily. They are available in different sizes to fit everything you need for your move. The bigger the hauler, the more it can carry. The whole family can travel in it for more comfort and space. Children can play with their toys while on the move.

Hire heavy haulers to move any large item that cannot fit into the toy hauler. You can move your boat or any other extra large property with it. How much you pay to hire movers depends on the distance of the move and the complexity. The more people it requires to handle your property, the more you pay.

Finalize Your New Home

When you move to a new place, the best option is to get a rental house first. Live in it for some time before deciding on the best location to purchase your new home. If you are moving for work, your company can direct you to the best place to live or a realtor that can get you a temporary but comfortable home before you decide on the type of home and location to purchase one.

Also, ensure that your new home has everything you need before you move in. Ensure that the electricity, water, gas, and internet are ready to use. If the weather at the new location allows, you can ask your landlord to set up solar panels before you move in. You can have them installed if you purchase the house. A solar panel system helps you save electricity bills and home maintenance costs.

Give Proper Notice

If you live in a rental property, a last minute thing to do before moving is to give your landlord notice. Check your lease to confirm when and how you should notify your landlord. Depending on where you live and how you pay rent, you may have seven to thirty days to give notice to your landlord before the move. Timely notification to your landlord as per the lease ensures you can get your rental deposit back. Also, if you have roommates, let them know you are leaving. It will ensure they can get a new roommate before the next rent payment.

It may be hard to sell your home before a last minute move. Hire a reputable real estate broker to sell your home for you after you have moved. The broker can help your home get off the market faster than if you decided to sell it yourself. They can advertise it, arrange for viewing and call you for the sale finalization. You will only pay a commission for their services. When choosing a broker, research or ask for referrals to a good one.

Change Of Address

Considering the last minute things to do before moving, changing your address for deliveries and service providers is essential. If you receive subscriptions at home that you want to continue in your new location, give them your new address. Also, change the billing address of your credit cards to your new home. It ensures that you do not disrupt any of your interests and provides convenience when paying for other things at your new home.

Also, change your address at your favorite online shopping stores. It ensures you can continue shopping conveniently and your items get delivered to the right home. Contact all the service providers you use. Let them know you are moving, and you can work out a way to transfer the services and the relationship to the new home.

On the day of your move, organize the delivery of groceries and home supplies to your new location. Moving is tiring. You will need a few days to rest and unpack before you can go shopping. Sometimes, the items hauled by your moving company may get to your home after you. Therefore, a supermarket delivery ensures you have everything you need during this time. Afterward, you can now shop for your new home.

Take Pictures

You and your family can take the final pictures of your home before you move. If the house has a yard, you can pick your favorite spot and take a family photo before you board your vehicles and leave. It helps to preserve memories. Take a few other pictures in the empty house. It also helps to provide evidence if your landlord or agent claims that you damaged their home and will use your deposit to fix it. Having taken pictures for memories, you can start your journey to your new home.

As part of the last minute things to do before moving, you can post pictures on social media to inform your friends of your move. Moving is a hectic activity that may cause you to forget to notify your circle of friends until after the move. Therefore, posting photos of your last day on your favorite social media platforms helps to inform more of your friends at once.

Leave the Keys With the Right Person

If you are leaving a rental home or your home on sale, part of the last minute things to do before moving is to leave your keys with the right person. For a rental home, you hand over the keys to the landlord or agent. If you have roommates, give your keys to them or the person who replaces you in the house. If you are a homeowner, leave your keys with your appointed broker to make it easy for them to show the house to potential buyers.

Also, you can agree with the new tenants on an accessible place you can leave the keys for them. Ensure that you have keys to all the doors in the house labeled clearly. You can also make a unique keyholder as a welcome gift to the next person or family that occupies the home. Leaving your keys with the right person is essential as it ensures the property does not get vandalized before the new owner occupies it.

Moving is stressful. There are many last minute things to do before moving. The checklist provides the help you need to ease the stress and ensure you do not forget the essentials while moving. It also ensures you get the proper assistance when moving. In the end, if you follow these tips, you will enjoy the moving process and convenience. You will also save money on your move and continue to enjoy your current subscription services at your new home.

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