How to Lay Bricks for Your Paver Patio

Before you can even think about laying down your pavers, you’ll need to make sure your base is all cleared out and leveled. You’ll need to put down rocks, soil, and other materials before you can lay pavers, so make sure you know that your base is ready.

Brick paver patios can be built on your own, but if it’s your first time, you’ll want to get some advice from somebody with a bit of experience.

Once your pavers are delivered or brought home, you can start setting your stakes at the corners of your base and lay down paver restraints along the edges.

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Measure the length of your edges and line up your pavers to make sure they all fit uniformly. Now you can start laying your sand.

Remove the pavers along the edge and start pouring and leveling off the sand into your base. You need enough sand to lay the pavers neatly and to make sure the patio is level all around.

When the entire patio is level, you’re almost done. You can now use some of the dirt you excavated for your base to cover the edges where your restraints are showing. Then you can sweep off the pavers or wash them with some water if they’re dirty.

Lastly, use a plate compactor to compact all the pavers down. Then use some sand in the joints and cover the entire patio.

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