How Ceramic Tiling Can Improve Your Home

According to a recent HomeGoods survey, only 20% of Americans are happy with their home. This means there are a considerable number of Americans that could benefit from redecorating their home. This year, thousands of homeowners will invest in new flooring, and opting for tile installation is a worthwhile strategy.

Ceramic tile flooring works well in both cold and warm climates and is very useful in high-traffic areas. This article highlights why you should consider ceramic tile as your new flooring material.

1. Water Resistance

If you touch or pay close attention to ceramic tile, you will realize that it has a hard protective layer that makes the tile impervious to most stains and water. This makes it the ultimate flooring material for high humidity conditions. This explains why many people prefer ceramic tile for wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

2. Durability

There are lots of durable materials, such as hardwood flooring. Although hardwood flooring is an attractive option, it’s also an expensive, high maintenance material. As highlighted earlier, ceramic tile is extremely tough and hard to crack. This means that any normal amount of force will leave the tile intact. Ceramic tiles are also used in high-traffic areas because they are durable and will not crack easily.

With professional ceramic tile installation services, the floor can serve you for decades, especially if the floor is professionally maintained. However, if the floor is damaged, it is also easily repaired.

3. Easy Maintenance

Homeowners are known to fear the maintenance aspects of any flooring material. Ceramic flooring does not scare homeowners due to the simple maintenance practices that it requires. And unlike carpeting, ceramic tile doesn’t college dirt and grime.

With ceramic tiles, you just need to care for the liquid stains and dirt, which can easily be wiped out using a piece of cloth, mop, or a soft brush. Heavy duty cleaners and vacuuming machines can easily be used for day-to-day cleaning with very little or no damages to the tiles.

4. Design Options

When choosing a flooring material, you want something that will change the appearance of your home for the better. Ceramic tiles are available in different shapes and design options so you can find something for any aesthetic. Ceramic tile manufacturers can help you find the right coloration and style for your flooring project.

In fact, ceramic tile manufacturers have discovered a modern method of printing tiles so that they reproduce the look of many natural stones and hardwoods. They can be matched into patterns or accented with custom designs, too. With ceramic tiles, you will get the beauty and the shape that you need for your flooring needs.

5. Affordable

Even when you factor in the cost of installation, tile flooring is one of the most cost effective materials per square foot. All factors held constant; ceramic flooring is highly affordable owing to the cheap cost of ceramic tiles. On top of that, the fact that ceramic tile flooring requires less maintenance makes them cheaper in the long term as well.

6. Allergen Issues

Ceramic tiles not only address your beauty and costs needs but also play a vital role in keeping your home clean. Many flooring materials attract allergens, dirt, and dust like a magnet. Fortunately, ceramic tiles are hard and non-porous, which means that all dirt, pollen, and debris can easily be wiped out.

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