Five Reasons Commercial Roof Repairs Should Not Be Delayed

When it comes to finding the best roofing contractor Miami residents need to do a little research before they make their choice. Finding a trustworthy and reputable contractor can help you get the best service and work for the best price. The average cost of flat roof replacement can vary greatly depending on the size of the roofing system and other factors that can impact costs.

A skilled and experienced roofing contractor can help you with all the finer details of a roof repair, upgrade, or installation. Everything from choosing the best caulk for sunroom roof maintenance to the right building materials to use on your flat roof installation can be handled by a professional contractor. This will allow you to focus on other aspects and components of your remodeling or construction project.

For the very best flat roof repair and installation services in Miami and the surrounding area, the best bet is to check out local online listings. From there, a short list of desirable companies can be created and you can begin weeding through the list. Be sure to ask about materials, discounts, warranties, and any other special perks and services that they offer that can help you choose the roofing expert that is right for you!

Commercial Property Insurance Might Not Cover Damage to a Commercial Roof

While every commercial property insurance policy is different, many insurance policies only cover damage to a commercial roof during covered events, such as storms. Often, damage to a commercial roof that occurs due to ordinary wear and tear, a leaky HVAC system, installation of signs, or neglect are often not covered by insurance. Knowing that a commercial property owner cannot rely on his or her commercial property insurance policy to pay for damage to commercial roofing, delaying roof repairs will almost certainly increase the cost borne by the commercial property owner when the commercial roof is eventually repaired, along with any other damage caused by the leaking roof.

A Leaky Commercial Roof May Increase the Risk of Fire and Electrocution

Everyone knows that water and electricity do not mix. First, water can carry electrical current from a short circuit to plumbing, light fixtures, light switches, and even puddles of standing water. When an employee, tenant, or customer touches that electrified area, he or she may experience a severe electrical shock leading to injury or death.

Second, a short circuit caused by standing water near electrical wiring, junction boxes, sockets, and fixtures may start an electrical fire by overheating or even generating sparks. Moreover, water can cause corrosion to electrical wiring and connections. This means that any delay in repairing a commercial roof leak will increase the risk of electrical fire even when no standing water is present.

Commercial Roof Leaks May be Hazardous to Tenant, Employee, and Customer Health

Mold tends to favor wet, dark environments, such as the wood framing and drywall in a leaky commercial roof. Mold spreads by producing mold spores that are carried by air currents to other locations. When mold spores land in favorable environments, they grow and, in turn, produce more mold spores. Molds cause health problems in those who inhale the mold spores, including allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and other respiratory problems.

A Leaking Commercial Roof May Be a Lawsuit Waiting to Happen

Owners of commercial property are often legally responsible for maintaining the commercial property. Even when leasing a commercial property to tenants, owners of commercial property are often contractually bound to maintain the commercial roof and undertake any leaking roof repairs. In fact, over 90% of water damage can be prevented and it is the commercial property owner who is responsible for inspecting and repairing the commercial roof. When standing water from a leaking roof creates a hazard, such as a risk of a slip and fall, the commercial property owner may be at least partly responsible if he or she was not diligent in addressing the problem.

Commercial Roof Leaks Can Bring Down a Building

Commercial property is an asset, if not an investment. As such, the asset must be protected. By allowing commercial roof leaks to go unrepaired, leaking water may cause damage to the structure of the commercial building. Not only can metal corrode as a result of commercial roof leaks, but leaking water can also damage wood and drywall and lead to ceiling collapse or, as suggested above, mold infestation. Any delay in repairing leaks in a commercial roof may not just increase the cost of roof repairs, it may necessitate other repairs or destroy the commercial building.

A commercial roof leak can cause a cascade of bad outcomes from mold, fire, and electrocution to lawsuits and costly structural repairs. After putting the time, effort, and money into investing in, or building, a commercial building, no commercial property owner should risk it all by delaying roof repairs.

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