4 Signs It’s Time to Call Septic Tank Services

Many homeowners across the United States have a septic tank instead of being connected to the city-wide sewer system, which means that they must maintain their setup and call septic services when they’re needed. The problem is that most people don’t know when to call the experts, and it’s time to find out.

Some people forget about their septic tanks, and it’s not their fault. It’s underground, and it deals with waste, which is something no one wants to think about too closely. However, it’s important to do it, or your entire house could face the consequences. You should always have your septic site plan on hand to understand its location and how it’s connected to your home through the plumbing.

As a homeowner, you might also want to research some septic tank facts. Most of the time, you might not notice when there’s a problem until you have to call emergency septic services. You don’t want to reach that point, though. A septic tank emergency needs to be avoided, or it’ll cost thousands of dollars. That’s why you must know when to call the experts for upkeep, maintenance, and regular checkups.

Let’s find out when to call for septic tank services.


Septic tanks can have serious problems that will become obvious very quickly. People may or may not need substantial septic tank repairs when they notice certain abnormalities, but they should never make assumptions about septic tank problems. Some of these changes will occur above septic tank locations. You could start to see sewage reaching your own bathroom in the sinks and the toilets when the issues with the septic tank are severe enough.

In other situations, it will seem like there is a major problem with the entire plumbing system. You might be worried about the possibility of having to change all the pipes in the home. Fortunately, fixing an above the ground septic system is much easier and less expensive than that. You should still be concerned about above ground wastewater treatment, however, especially if it looks like the water in your sink has become contaminated recently. When these septic and plumbing systems have these kinds of changes, it can affect the water quality that you can expect each day. You’ll have to cope with strange smells all the time at home and outside. Looking at the above-ground septic tank can help, and an expert can make that happen.


When you live in an area that doesn’t have a sewer system, or you have one of the country sewer systems, you may opt instead for septic tank installation. Using a septic tank for sewage can save you money in the long run, as you don’t have to pay for municipal sewer system usage. And, septic systems are simple to maintain in most cases. The best way to maintain a septic system is simply not to put any solid objects into it. Toilet paper is ok to go into the system, but anything else solid should not be flushed. This can help the septic system to keep working indefinitely.

You may wonder whether you can build your own septic system to save even more money. It is possible to make your own system, but it would take a lot of equipment and materials to do so. It’s generally simpler to let a septic company come out and install the system. You may have heard of septic systems needing to get pumped and wondered- do all septic systems have a pump necessary? No, many systems never need to be pumped. It comes down to being very careful about what goes into the system.

Septic systems



Homeowners with septic systems know that these devices need to be properly maintained. A septic system is typically stored underground, collecting and separating waste from inside of a home. A septic system that works well allows waste to easily be transported from a home. However, certain conditions can wreak havoc on septic systems. With that in mind, here are four signs it’s time to call a septic cleaning service.

  1. Septic System Hasn’t Been Pumped Recently

    There are several factors that determine when to have your septic system cleaned. For instance, homes with more people often have systems that require more frequent cleaning. In any case, most septic systems need to be pumped every few years. Another important factor in determining if a septic system requires frequent pumping is if there is a garbage disposal in your home. In fact, statistics show that a garbage disposal can increase solids found in a septic tank by up to 50%.

  1. Yard Begins to Smell Like Sewage

    If you’re suspecting that you’re dealing with a septic tank issue, it’s wise to walk around the outside of your home. A malfunctioning septic system will likely be backed up with sewage. If you’re smelling sewage while walking around your property, it’s likely you’re experiencing a septic system problem. A septic tank repair company will be able to notify you about current septic matters. You might find that having a different sized septic tank reduces system backups. The average four person, two bedroom home should have at least a 1000 gallon septic tank.

  1. Underground Blockages Form

    Statistics show that 25% of homes in the United States use some form of a septic system. Many of these septic systems are often stored underground. An underground septic tank is able to collect waste while keeping the smell away from a home. Considering that, it’s important to be aware of dealing with a septic tank blockage. Trees are often found all around the yard of a typical home. Unfortunately, trees are often the worst enemy of a septic tank. Tree roots often begin to grow near or inside of a septic tank, creating all sorts of blockage problems.

  1. Wet Patches in Yard

    One sign of a major septic issue is if your yard is wet while the weather is sunny. If a septic system is unable to drain properly, standing water often forms near the tank. You might that it’s nearly impossible to tell if moisture is related to a septic system. If you’re unsure about the cause of wet patches, it’s best to contact a septic repair company.

In summary, there are several signs that indicate a septic system is in need of repair. Many homeowners have their respective septic systems pumped every few years. If you’ve delayed having your tanks cleaned, it’s wise to contact a septic tank cleaning company. Many people become aware of a septic tank issue due to smelling backup sewage, especially while in the yard. Septic tank repair companies often take care of matter relating to underground system blockages. If you’re noticing wet patches in your yard, especially during dry weather conditions, it could be due to a blocked septic tank. Many homeowners enlist the help of a professional cleaning service when septic tank problems arise.

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