Safe and Secure Sump Pump Excavation for Your Home

Radon mitigation services

Living a healthy life of happiness and wellness is a main priority for most, especially when it comes to providing it for their families. There are a number of ways that this goal can be reached, and a number of factors that come into play in order to move successfully toward that goal. Eating the right foods, getting enough exercise, fresh air, and sunlight, wearing a helmet when you ride your bike, keeping a clean home and workspace, and more all contribute to a life of wellness. But there are some factors that some people may not immediately think of, or even be aware that they should be watching out for. One of these factors is present if your home has a sump pump, which many homes do.

Sump pump excavation and radon mitigation
When you are dealing with sump pump excavation at your home, either to install a new one or doing additional work to an existing pump or area surrounding your pump, one of the main concerns, other than proper installation for successful functionality, is radon testing and mitigation. Because many pumps inadvertently allow dangerously high levels of radon to enter your home, you are going to want to ensure that there is a proper filter, fan, or seal that does not allow for that harmful gas to infiltrate your otherwise safe and secure home. A quality sump pump installation company will be well versed in both the dangers of radon and the preventative measures to take to ensure that it does not affect your health. If you have an old sump pump, it could absolutely be worth bringing in a radon testing contractor to check things out for you.

Radon and proper sump pump excavation

Radon is a harmful gas that is the byproduct of decaying uranium and thorium, two very common radioactive elements naturally existing in the ground. The gas itself is radioactive, and even more dangerous because it is impossible to identify without the correct tools, as it possesses no odor, color, or taste. While a sump pump is used to pump water, because it is pumping below the earth’s surface, it often pumps this dangerous gas along with it. If you are not sure if your home is safeguarded against radon, a call to a company that offers local sump pump installation services or radon testing and mitigation is a smart move.

Working with your sump pump installation contractor
It has been estimated that there are as many as one in every 15 homes across the country that currently possess levels of radon at or higher than the action level stipulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. This is a major cause for concern, as the Surgeon General has stated that the second leading cause of lung cancer in this country is, in fact, radon. As you work with your sump pump installation contractor, discuss the best options for eliminating the chances of radon entering your home. There are passive mitigation systems that have proven to have the capacity of lowering radon levels by over 50%. Including ventilation fans in the installation process can reduce these levels even more.

Your home is a place of comfort, security, and refuge. Help to ensure those elements by taking the appropriate steps to reduce the chances of this dangerous gas entering your home and causing harm.

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