Day: March 16, 2013

Discounted moving How to move on a budget Moving family

Looking for Ways to Save Money on a Low Cost Move

Cost structures can differ among movers. Long distance moving companies are going to charge the more than a discount mover or even a local mover though. There are ways to make a low cost move, even if you need to use a long distance move however.… Read More
Tub walk in

Safer Alternatives to Bathing Hazards

The bathtub that homeowners select can often add an element of uniqueness to their bathrooms. For instance, a clawfooted tub may be appealing to the eye, but they can be harzardous for people to climb into. Likewise, the typical contemporary bathtub can also be dangerous, because people must lift their legs in order to climb in.… Read More
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Improve the Functionality of Your Bathroom with New Appliances

In 1907, Thomas MacAvity Stewart of Satin John, New Brunswick, patented the vortex flushing toilet bowl that had a certain self cleansing effect. Though it might have been innovative at the time, the water efficient toilets available today are far more advanced.… Read More
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