Safer Alternatives to Bathing Hazards

Walk in bathtub

The bathtub that homeowners select can often add an element of uniqueness to their bathrooms. For instance, a clawfooted tub may be appealing to the eye, but they can be harzardous for people to climb into. Likewise, the typical contemporary bathtub can also be dangerous, because people must lift their legs in order to climb in. A walk in bath tub offers a safer and more convenient alternative to people who do not want to risk slipping and injuring themselves while trying to enter a standard bathtub. Walk in baths also do not required one to hunch down to sit once they are inside their walk in bathtubs.

A walk in bath tub differs from a traditional bathtub in a couple of significant ways. Where one must step over the side of the typical bathtub, a walk in bath tub has a door on the side through which the bather can step directly into the walk in bath tub. Once inside the walk in bath tub, the door closes securely, of course, to keep water from leaking out of the walk in bath tub. The design is similar to that of a car door. Therefore, the side door design of a walk in bath tub also allows the bather to keep both feet on the floor, which minimizes risks for slipping. Furthermore, once the person is in the walk in tub and closes the door, there is a bench style seat that does not require the bather to lower himself or herself into a traditional bathing position. Thus, the design of the walk in bath tub is ideal for older folks or people with disabilities.

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