Why the Polar Vortex is the Perfect Opportunity for AC Repair

Heating and ac repair

Well, hello there, polar vortex! In the midst of this chilly weather, air conditioning services probably aren’t at the top of anyone’s list. Central air repair feels much more like a spring or early summer job, but the truth is that winter really is the best time to get your air conditioning back in shape. Here are our top three reasons to use the polar vortex to your advantage and spring for A/C repair.

  1. Techs Are Less Busy

    Make no mistake. When temperature start approaching the 90’s and 100’s in June and July, everyone is going to clamoring to have a heating and air conditioning repair service work on their A/C units. For many, they won’t even know that they need air conditioning services until the weather warms up. Those first steamy days of spring are the busiest for service technicians, and if you wait, you’ll be joining a large queue. Even if you call days ahead, you might have to wait quite a while for service, and those days will really stretch out if you have sit around in the heat. Calling now means that you’ll probably be first in line and that your A/C will be ready to go as soon as the first scorcher shows up.

  2. Prices Are Lower

    Air conditioning services aren’t in high demand in the middle of these epic chills, so prices are less likely to be at their peak. The emergency calls most folks make in the dead heat of summer tend to cost much more, as they often occur at inopportune times, like weekends. While nobody else is waiting in line, you’ll be able to schedule a visit during regular business hours, and reap the rewards of lower pricing.

  3. You’ll Be Ready

    Maybe you were caught unawares by this chill. Remember that feeling of wishing you had planned ahead for cool days and cold nights? Replicating it when the heat hits would be downright silly. Calling for air conditioning services before you need them means that you’ll be well prepared when things start warming up.

There’s no good reason to get stuck in a long line of sweaty customers just so that you can overpay for air conditioning services. This polar vortex mess is the perfect time to call if you want to take advantage of lower prices and better availability. Don’t let the heat catch you unawares. Harness the chill of the polar vortex to get you through another sticky summer.


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