Choosing the Right HVAC Manifold Gauge

ac manifold gauges

When it comes to an AC system, the main tool that is used for repairs and maintenance is the manifold gauge. This tool allows HVAC professionals to check, evacuate, and charge systems. With that being said, choosing the right AC manifold gauge can make a big difference when doing maintenance on a unit. Here are a few important things to know when picking out a manifold gauge.

What is an HVAC Manifold Gauge?

When the first mini air conditioning unit was introduced in 1965, it became a necessity in any home or business. With the many AC units now installed and running, there are units that are not being taken care of properly. AC manifold gauges exist to help the overall care and maintenance of a unit. The gauges work to help technicians know if the system is working efficiently or not. These tools monitor the pressure of refrigerants in heating and cooling systems. They help control the flow of pressure and identity any problems that are present. There are different types of manifold gauges available to AC technicians.

What are the Different Types?

There are two main types of manifold gauges, analog and digital. Analog gauges require you to read between the lines of the needle and the gauges. Once you find the pressure you will then use a pt chart to obtain the temperature. With a digital gauge, there are temperature clamps that connect to the liquid and suction line that have built-in temperature charts. This will give you a live instant reading.

What are the Pros and Cons of Each Type?

There are many pros when it comes to the digital manifold gauge. The digital reading is usually very accurate and has other additional features. You won’t need to look at a conversion table to find the pressure temperature. One con of the digital gauge is they are new and it requires proper training to use them. A pro of the analog gauge is that they have been around for quite a long time and are easy to use by an HVAC technician. A few cons that come along with the analog gauge are they are more prone to errors and you can only get a rough idea of what’s happening, which can cause more conversion errors.

It’s crucial to make sure you have the right manifold so that the read-outs are accurate. You need to make sure your gauge fits the unit properly, is attached correctly, and is going to work for you and the unit you’re working on. Choosing the right gauge for your needs is essential for any HVAC technician. If you are interested in a new manifold gauge for your work, contact us today!

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