When You Should Replace Your Roof

Let’s face it, after years of living in your home; perhaps it is hard to define when is the right time for roof replacements.

In this article, you will know signs that will tell you when to get roof replacements.

1. Worn Out Shingles

Over time, about 15 to 20 years – the shingles of your roof will wear out and lose their lifespan.

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To determine if it needs replacement, you will notice dark spots and spots can be so bad and penetrated.

2. Blistering

When you notice that your roofing system is popping due to overheating and shooting off of granules – you probably need roofing replacements—especially when spots are not uniform, and it’s all over the roof.

3. Brittleness

This isn’t always going to matter unless you need a repair done. But if it keeps leaking, then you need roof replacements. There is also this boot installed on your roofing that is believed to break when it’s brittle.

4. Moss

Moss usually grows on the north side parts of the roofing system. You must clean your roof and get rid of moss or algae growing on the roof. It would be best if you took it off, as it could decrease your roof’s lifespan.

5. Chimney

The chimney could produce a ton of leaks, so if you’re going to replace your roof, talk to your contractor about removing your chimney.


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