Trying the Wedge Method of Tree Stump Removal

Perhaps you want to get rid of a tree stump. The good thing is, you can do a tree stump removal on your own. That way, you can save money and learn how to do it.

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In this blog, will know about tree stump removal by hand, using a wedge, or the wedge’s system.

1. Cutting the Stump

First, cut the stump at ground level. The closer you can go to the ground, the better.

2. Dig Around the Stump

You will do two things; clearing the area and looking where the main root system is. Stumps come with the base-secure root system and about 4-5 main roots. You have to dig it to open the area.

3. Cutting the Main Base Roots and Cross Cut

Cut those main base roots so that you’re left with a stump and a major taproot going straight down. You also have to cut a cross in the top of the stump to make four quarters.

4. Making the Wedges

You only need a scrap, but a good quality hardwood makes wedges. You can cut as many as you like; about ten pieces perhaps, in different sizes.

5. Wedge into the Cut

Using a sledgehammer, you have to drive the wedge into the cut between two quarters. Also, use bigger wedges to increase the gap until the stump give away.


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