What You Need for Installing a Barn Door

When installing a barn door, you will need a variety of sliding barn door hardware products. You want to ensure that you have all the necessary pieces before going forward with a mounting project like this. Remodeling projects are common, with 10.

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2 million kitchens and 14.2 million bathrooms remodeled per year. A kitchen remodel might need heavy duty hidden hinges. Learn what you need for your barn door installation today.

You will need an appropriate number of washers and nuts for your project. You will also need carriage bolts for wheel assembly. This provides a good way to source your hardware. A functional barn door will also have a handle, and that is an important choice to make. It will be one of the first things a guest notices when coming into your home.

You might want to invest in spraypaint to make all your visible hardware a uniform color. You will also want to choose furniture paint or furniture wood stain to find the right colors for your barn door. Do some research to choose the right products for your next home improvement project.

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