What Is the Best Refrigeration HVAC Loop?

If you own or work in the HVAC business, chances are you have a pretty strong opinion already about using an HVAC closed loop system or an HVAC open loop system. However, if you don’t work in the industry or you are new to everything, you may not even understand the differences between the two. With this video, you can learn a bit more about the HVAC closed loop system and open system, and which may be best to choose for a certain situation.

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In essence, an HVAC closed loop system is one that is contained. The heat in one of these HVAC systems is transferred using water that runs through loops. The water may also be pushed through an air coil in order to continue to transfer heat throughout the house. In an open loop system, however, utilizes groundwater instead of closed water. It uses the groundwater in order to create heat, and also to get rid of heat in the summer. This can be a bit confusing, as HVAC oftentimes is. The most important thing is to remember is to talk to a professional before getting anything installed in your house, or before recommending to a customer what system would work best for them.

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