What You Must Consider When Choosing A Radon Mitigation Company

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends taking action to minimize radon gas in homes that have a radon level at or exceeding 4 picocuries per liter of air. About one in every 15 United states homes is estimated to have radon gas levels at or more than the EPA action level. Considering the hazardous nature of this gas, there is a need for radon inspection, testing and mitigation services. It is in this connection where selecting a reliable radon mitigation company comes in handy. Truth be told, there are currently many firms that provide residential radon testing and mitigation services. This is no guarantee that any of the company will do a great job. It is for that reason you have to conduct a thorough selection process. Fortunately, in this article, you will learn some of the tips you can rely on to ensure you make the right pick. They include:

Experience Is Very Vital

Working with a newbie can be a very daunting process. First and foremost, such a company has no track record in providing radon mitigation services. This is a challenge in itself since you are not sure if you will receive the best services. You do not have to second guess. This is why you will have to put into consideration the experience level of the radon mitigation company. You have to be sure you are bringing on board a company with professionals well-versed with matters to deal with sump pump installation, residential radon testing, inspection and mitigation services. In this regard, you are guaranteed to get value for your money. The experts will conduct a thorough radon testing exercise. In case the radon level exceeds the recommended EPA action level, then stringent radon mitigation measures have to be undertaken. This where an experienced radon mitigation company will come in. The radon levels will be reduced by the professionals from the company on board.

Have A Budget

Radon mitigation services come at a cost. This can only mean one thing. You have to budget properly for the entire radon mitigation process. You might also need funds for the sump pump installation project. The only way to ensure everything goes as planned is to set a very convenient budget. This starts with considering the prices which different companies have set. After you have done an assessment, settle on a company you can easily afford. However, do not compromise the quality of the services. In this regard, you will have to read some customer reviews and consult from previous customers to get a hint on the level of quality you will receive.


Reputation is very key to any company. A bad reputation will raise some eyebrows. This is something you have to be mindful of when choosing a radon mitigation firm. You have to know that not all companies will live up to your expectations. And considering the harmful nature of radon gas, you cannot afford to gamble with the selection process. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and Surgeon General’s Office estimated that as many as 20,000 lung cancer deaths every year are caused by radon gas. So when the levels of this gas are very extreme, you need to have an expert come in to reduce it. The only place to find experts in radon mitigation is to approach a company that has maintained a higher reputation in terms of providing such services. This is a guarantee you will get value from every dollar you spend on paying the company to reduce the radon gas levels. Reducing it is very vital, especially health-wise. According to scientists, lung cancer-related deaths can be minimized by 2 to 4 per cent, that is, around 5,000 deaths, just through minimizing radon levels in homes exceeding the EPA’s action level.


When it comes to choosing a radon mitigation company, there are a number of factors you cannot afford to ignore. Your priority should be to bring on board a company well equipped and experienced in executing the task at hand. To ensure that is so, ensure you put into consideration the tips discussed in this article. They are factors that will guide you into choosing the best radon mitigation company.

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