What to Know About Installing Granite Countertops

When improving your kitchen, you should consider upgrading countertops if they are out-of-date. Granite countertops are a great investment, as they are a hard stone that will last and stay in style for years.

The first thing you need to do is consider what type of granite you would like. There are several kinds, and some are more expensive than others. Choose one that fits your style.

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Tier 4 countertop slabs are typically around $3900, but you can find lower-tier countertops for around $3000. These price differences are mostly due to their rarity at the time of purchase. All granite countertops are hard surfaces compared to other choices.

These countertops can weigh around or even over 200 pounds. Make sure you hire good contractors to handle a granite countertop installation. Investing in these heavy, more expensive choices will improve your return on investment in the future when you consider selling the home. This video also shows a sink installation, which you might want to do when re-installing counters to keep everything updated.

Use this information to choose countertops when you are looking at a kitchen remodel. Research is the best way to make the right choice for your home and family.


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