What Is Induction Lighting?

Fighting with the lighting in your building can be one of the most frustrating dealings within your business. Unfortunately it isn’t as easy as simply screwing in a light bulb and calling it a day. If you have a big business and need a reliable system that is going to get you through for years and not just a couple of months, than it is perhaps time to look into induction lighting and to find out the benefits of this type of lighting in correlation with your business. Before you busy yourself away reading up on induction ballast and circuit boards. Take a couple pieces of advice and decide for yourself if this is the lighting that will benefit your large area.

What Is Induction Lighting?

Thanks to electronic generators and ballasts, this type of lighting has been around for many years. In many cases it is induction lighting that is used for street lighting and in order to help many cities and places of business to go green. Much like florescent lighting, induction lighting uses mercury to fill the bulb. They do not use internal electrodes as florescent bulbs do which means that they will not flicker and die in the same ways that induction lighting will. They even tend to last around 100,000 hours of use. This is five to seven times longer than those florescent bulbs you’re so used to using.

Is Induction Lighting Good Quality?

This type of lighting, thanks to the induction ballast even uses 50% less energy than you would find in a typical fluorescent bulb. While fluorescent bulbs can provide you with lighting that buzzes and is difficult to get past the noise or flickering of, induction lighting is different and will provide you with a bright quality of light that will not flicker or fade too fast as it reaches the end of its life. They are even as bright as a high intensity LED and will provide you with hours of use, more than you would receive with your typical traditional lighting.

Is It A Money Saver?

Yes, going for induction lighting and even induction parking lot lights can save you both time and money. With the type of lights that used to be popular there was a replacement rate that made it difficult for many individuals to keep up or even save money with. However, with the indication lighting in place, you’re putting money back into your own pocket rather into the pockets of your electric company. You see, lighting accounts for 18% of the electrical bill when it comes to commercial companies. By changing your lighting, you’re saving yourself money that would have been thrown away on new bulbs and lights that would burn out faster than you’d expect them too.

Energy Usage and Our Country

Energy is one of the most used parts of our daily life. The department of energy believes that by switching to LEDs and induction ballast operated bulbs there will be a 50% decrease in our energy needs when it comes to lighting. Using less energy on lighting means that it will last longer rather than burning out faster. This could set the tone for years to come and provide us with an abundance of energy needed to continue on.

When it comes to choosing your lighting and deciding what type of lights should be within your building or parking garage or what have you, make sure you are not only doing what is best for your clients but you are also doing what is going to be best for you and best for the world around you. Picking lighting fixtures and high powered led lighting that will last a long time and save you time and money is the best deal that you could look for. Don’t settle for anything less. Instead get a handle on those induction ballast options and figure out if this is the path that you would like to go down for the future of your business. You work too hard to settle for anything less than what is going to provide you with everything that you’ve been looking and hoping for.

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