What Does a Stucco Repair Look Like?

Your external stucco might be in need of repair at some time in the life of your home. You should hire a professional to come and fix it, but you might be curious about the process. Here is what you should look for during the process of fixing your stucco.

To fix stucco, you can hire a painting company that specializes in the process. Stucco can get damaged by excessive water running down in the same place because of improper gutter installation.

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The process will start by removing the damaged stucco and replacing it with new stucco to match what is already there.

Using a 5-in-1 tool, the stucco will be scraped off. They will re-prime the wall after removing the damage and then reapply new stucco. This is a pretty quick process but important to the appearance of your home. Maybe the most important step is to repair the gutter installation that created the spots of water damage. This will ensure that you do not have recurring issues with your stucco.

Keep these things in the back of your mind when going through a repair. You can watch along as a repairman fixes your stucco and understand what should be done next to keep your home in tip-top shape.


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