What a Septic Tank Does

This video is to inform viewers on what a septic tank install is and how a septic tank works. Septic tanks and an overall septic system is what helps your household function properly. It connects to the water system to filter out all the bad stuff so that your system does not get backed up.

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Having a backed up septic system can make the water in your house run dirty and even make it smell horrible if it is not often maintained and taken care of. A septic tank is basically a household sewer system.

After a septic tank install, there are different things that happen within a septic system in order to filter out waste. There are microbes or bacteria, that eat up the sludge in the tank. There is a second compartment in the tank where microbes are again and through that any excess water gets filtered through a pipe in the soil. Some ways to avoid septic tank build up is not using heavy chemical cleaners to clean your bathroom toilet and sinks. A lot of these products can cause a clog and make the sludge come up and out of the running water.


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