What a Residential Roofing Company Can Do For Your Flat Roof

If you live in a mid-century modern home, you may be one of the few people who has a flat roof. These are different from other shingled roofs in that water can slide down the sides of a drain into gutters. You might need to do a little extra work to protect your house from water damage. Here is an explanation of how a residential roofing company might accomplish that for your home.

Flat roofs are not technically flat. They have a slight pitch to have some slope for water to run off.

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What companies will do is cover these roofs in rubber to help the water wick off the roof. The roof has to be prepped to make sure that tree branches that come off during a storm do not cut through the rubber. They will use an ISO board about an inch think that will help cushion between the rubber and the roof. It also provides a bit of insulation and can come in various thicknesses. This will get fastened with screws and washers to stay sturdy on your roof.

Talk to your roofing company about waterproofing your flat home. This can help prevent water damage for years to come.


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