Pruning Trees the Right Way

Keeping up with your home improvement ensures that your property remains comfortable to live on and also maintains its value. It’s important not to overlook your landscaping as even the trees on your property have a large impact on the rest of your home improvement efforts. You will want to take care of tree pruning so that your trees can grow healthy and look nice. In this video, you will learn how to prune trees the right way and also get some helpful tips.

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Effective pruning that is done right will encourage trees to grow strong and well while removing blemishes that could cause harm to the three, such as dying limbs. The best time to prune is generally early spring and late fall, but the truly best time will depend on the weather and on the types of trees you have. With that said, always remove dead or broken limbs as soon as possible. The video will give a breakdown of the different tools you’ll need and what each one is good at. Your tools should be sharp for the best results. Never forget your safety gear. Consider the safety of what you’re about to do before you even begin, such as checking for hanging limbs and power lines.


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