Tips For Cleaning Smoke Damage At Home

If your home has smoke damage from a fire, you may wonder how to go about smoke damage cleanup. You don’t have to live with stains or smells associated with smoke of any kind in your home. If you’re facing extensive smoke damage, you may want to work with smoke damage cleanup professionals.

Video Source

But if you’re only looking at a minor amount of smoke damage, you can attempt to clean it up yourself.

In the video posted here, the host explains and demonstrates a simple way to clean up smoke from a painted ceiling. According to the video, it’s never truly easy to remove smoke residue, but it is possible with some patience and elbow grease. The trick is using the right materials and techniques.

The host uses simple green cleaner diluted in a 1:1 ratio with water. He puts this solution in a spray bottle. He also prepares a bucket partially full of water. Into the bucket, he also puts four melamine sponges. These magic sponges are essential, and they must all be wet at the same time.

The host cleans the ceiling by first spraying it liberally with simple green and then scrubbing it in circular motions using the sponges. He stresses that you shouldn’t let the ceiling dry until you’re satisfied with how clean it is. He switches between sponges frequently, throwing the used sponges back in the bucket.

With this technique, you should be able to remove smoke residue from any painted surface.

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