Three Common Oven Problems in Your Home

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An oven is a home amenity many of us use every single day. When something goes wrong with an oven, it can wreak havoc on your normal routine. Learning about potential oven problems will help keep you prepared, should a problem occur. It is recommended to call a company specializing in oven repairs if you are experiencing any of these problems. An oven houses either gas or electrical components, both of which are dangerous to tamper with. In this post, you will learn more about three common oven problems.

  • Oven Not Heating Up: An oven that isn?t heating could mean a few problems. If a gas oven isn?t heating up, the pilot light is often looked at. In some cases, the pilot light electrode has become either broken or dirty. A dirty electrode will not perform properly which leads to an oven being unable to heat. Many oven repairs stem from a damaged pilot light.
  • Gas Oven Produces Lower Flame: You might find that you have a flame but not a strong one in your oven. A lower flame will make cooking take much longer. Oven repair companies regularly work with issues of ovens producing lower flames. In many cases, these professionals can perform work that will have flame levels back to normal.
  • Gas Smell in Home: This problem has the potential to become extremely dangerous. If you smell any has at all within your home, it is wise to call a professional immediately. Gas leaks can turn a home into a house of flames from only one ignition. You will want to not use the oven or any other heating devices while smelling gas in the home. Dryer repair companies know that, like ovens, this appliance can be another source of household fires.
  • In closing, there are a few common problems ovens will sometimes have. An oven can become clogged, similar to what happens to a dishwasher. These blockages in an oven mostly come from old food. An oven that doesn?t heat up properly is usually because of a pilot light or cross port that isn?t operating properly. A gas smell in the home indicates a potential leak which is very dangerous. A dishwasher is said to last nine years while a gas range oven should last about 15 years before replacement occurs.

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