Four Buying Considerations for New Appliances

Dishwasher repair

Shopping for appliances can be overwhelming. You not only have to select a retailer you want to purchase one from, but you also have to pick the individual model as well. It can also be difficult to know when to replace your current appliances, rather than simply have them professionally repaired. When it comes time to replace one of the appliances in your home, take the following important buying factors into account.

Brand of appliance

There are a few leaders in the appliance brands. These are three or four brands that you tend to see the most often. It is usually best to stay within these larger named branded appliances. You will find that it is easier to find replacement parts, and because of this, that repairs are cheaper. Also, when you purchase a well known brand, it is easier to complete DIY repair projects. If your washing machine breaks down and you have a popular brand, you can look up repair tips online. Also, having the same brand throughout all of the appliances in your home can be helpful for easy repairs and for obtaining a higher resale value.

Size of appliance

Size is another extremely important factor when it comes to choosing a new appliance. You should always take your current appliance?s size into account. Although you may decide that you want something larger or smaller than your previous one, it is a good base point. Look at your current washing machine and how it fits in your laundry room. It can also be helpful to measure the space of the appliance to get a better visual of how a larger or smaller washing machine will fit into the space.

Refrigerators are an appliance that is especially important to measure accurately. Most refrigerators are carefully placed into the kitchen for optimal space. If you ignore measurements, you may find it difficult to open doors and drawers in the appliance. Carefully measure all aspects of your refrigerator before purchasing a new one. It is usually too late to return the appliance after it is delivered to your house, and you realize that it does not fit properly.

Amenities of the appliance

As technology improves, manufacturers find more and more useful additions to appliances. There are dryers that prevent your clothing from wrinkling. There are refrigerators that pour wine for you. There are even dishwashers that coat your glass wear with protective coating. Consider the types of amenities that are important to you and look for appliances with those specific features. They will increase the price of the appliance, so you want to be sure it is actually beneficial to you. Also, the more features you have on an appliance, the more likely it is that you will require an appliance repair. For example, 28% of refrigerators with top or bottom freezers with icemakers break within three to four years.

Warranty on the appliance

Some brands of appliances are well liked because of their great warranties. You do not want to purchase a brand new dishwasher and then immediately require dishwasher repairs. Your dishwasher alone should last nine years before you even have to think about replacing it. When shopping for a dishwasher or washing machine, request one with a warranty. Also be sure to understand the specifics of the warranty, including how to claim it, who to call for repairs, how long the warranty lasts for, and how much it covers. A warranty can end up saving you a lot in repair costs.

Many homeowners are unaware of when they should either fully replace or repair their current appliances. Although most appliances typically last for a minimum of nine to ten years, this is not always the case. Certain circumstances can affect the length of the appliance, including its usage, its brand, and how much maintenance was performed on it. When it does come time to replace any of your appliances, ensure that you are looking at things like size, warranty availability, and brand.

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