The Most Common Garage Door Repairs

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The garage door is one of your most used appliances. Think about it: you use the garage every single day, probably multiple times a day. Over time, things can go awry and require repairs. This video shows how to diagnose and conduct some of the most common garage door repairs.

If it seems like your garage door is simply not working, first check to make sure the opener is plugged in. If you have a remote, check to see if there are batteries in it, too. Most garage door openers are electric, these days, and the problem may have a very simple solution: replace the batteries and plug in the opener!

The sensor may also be out of whack. Something may be blocking them and preventing the garage door from closing. Make sure nothing is obstructing the sensors and that they are aligned properly. Clean off any dust from the sensor, too. If the garage door still won’t close, it may be time to call a repairman. You can hold down the garage door button to override the sensors in the meantime.

Your door may also become crooked over time. If you hear a grinding or creaking sound, this is probably the case. Look for any snapped cables and check if the garage door is misaligned.

For more information, check out the video above.

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