The LG-70 Propane Additive Propane’s Answer to Cleaner, Safer Fuel

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Many people use propane for a large variety of services. Propane comes in gas as well as liquid form and is non-toxic in addition to having no color and no odor. It is widely used for heating, heat treating, soldering, cutting, and it is even used in the composition of plastic. Propane is used to heat 16% of the manufactured homes in the country.

Why Is Propane So Widely Used?

Many people now prefer cooking with gas and use propane as their choice for the kitchen, outdoor stove, or backyard grill. Not only that, but statistics show that 96% of professional chefs prefer to cook with gas in their kitchens. Gas stoves offer a more even distribution of the heat provided by the burners, as well as better heat control. It is a cost efficient fuel in that its price is less than natural gas. It is also a cleaner alternative and easily attained.

As its usage is becoming more widespread, people are finding that propane is also better for the atmosphere. The use of propane provides many benefits for residential customers. More and more , people are learning about the money saving advantages that the use of this fuel will afford and are becoming propane customers as a result. For instance, pools and spas are more efficient when heated by propane because the chosen temperature is attained faster and more efficiently than with an electric heating source. Propane tanks are a growing choice of homeowners for use in gas fireplaces, too. At the click of a switch there is a roaring fire in the fireplace, providing a clean and maintenance free way to heat the entire room.

Propane is a popular fuel used in industry as well. It is used to fuel equipment used in material handling, such as scissor lifts and forklifts. One of the reasons propane is such a popular fuel source for such a diverse number of uses? Modern propane additives have further improved the efficiency of this resource.

Understanding Propane Additives:

Ethyl mercaptan is an additive put into propane to give it a detectable odor. Without this propane additive, gas leaks would be impossible to detect.

LG-70 propane additive is also added to the propane fueling equipment, which helps to complete combustion and minimize emissions. It also enables the equipment to provide maximum performance and better economy in addition to improving engine performance. LG-70 propane additive also acts as a detergent, both removing and preventing engine deposits that could interrupt the equipment’s smooth performance. Just as importantly, it keeps down carbon monoxide caused by burning fuel and enables longer time spans between regular maintenance.

Propane providers will regularly provide cylinders of propane to their customers. The fuel itself is 270 times more compact when it is in the state of being a liquid than when it is a gas. Therefore, it is both transported and stored as a liquid. It becomes a gas only when the tank is opened and lit. This contributes to its cost effectiveness. And because of the insertion of LG-70 propane additive into the fuel, the propane will provide a longer lasting and cleaner service to the customer.

The Fuel of the Future?

There’s a simple reason so many people, from homeowners to massive industrial operations, now rely on propane as their primary fuel source. In addition to its efficiency, its environmental benefits, and its strong safety record, propane has one clear advantage over the competition: its lower costs.

For example, in thousands of homes across the country, water heating with propane has also become a very widely used service. It is a way of taking advantage of a tankless water heating service which costs up to 60% less than standard water heating, while operating at an efficiency of 98%. The financial benefits for residential propane customers are considerable, and the same savings are also experienced in industrial settings as well.

Because propane has become such a popular choice of customers in so many ways, the advantages of the insertion of LG-70 propane additive into the fuel are becoming more and more valuable. Cleaner, more efficient fuel is being provided in residential, industrial, and commercial uses thanks to propane, and customers are realizing a higher level of savings as a result. Find out more about this topic here. See more.

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