Mythbusters 6 Plumbing Myths You Should Avoid

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As a homeowner, it is easy to look for money saving tips that will make your life easier around your house. But sometimes these quick tips can end up costing you more money in the long run. So here are some top plumbing myths debunked that you should avoid.

1. Running water while running the garbage disposal will help waste go down smoother

Some homeowners believe that they can put anything down the garbage disposal as long as it is mixed with water before hand. This is simply not true, as hard food can damage your disposal and require plumbing repair services. These plumbing services can be quite expensive, so keep banana peels, eggshells, and meat out of the drain.

2. Lemons will help clean your disposal

While the scent of lemons will mask the scent of your disposal temporarily, it most definitely will not clean the pipe. The acid can actually corrode your pipes, and it is not powerful enough to get rid of some tough debris. Instead, use a powerful cleaning solution to clean the pipes along with some ice to churn up the debris.

3. Sewer inspections are not important

This is a dangerous myth as plumbing lines can become affected and show no outward signs. They can be impacted from shifting house foundations, tree roots, and different powerful clogs, so it is important to get sewer line inspections done annually to prevent a catastrophe.

4. The drain is working, so it must not be clogged

Even though your disposal is functioning, there may still be a clog in the works. Some clues that this is happening include a slow moving disposal, and waste fragments that stay on the discharge pipe. If you see these signs, unplug your disposal right away and stop using it.

5.A brick in the toilet tank will save on water costs

This method just simply does not work, and can lead to serious damage to your toilet. Bricks can deteriorate over time, can break the flapper in your toilet, and will displace too much water.

6. A leaky faucet is no big deal

In reality, a leaky faucet can amount to billions of wasted water annually. This is not only harmful to the enviroment, but to your wallet as well. If you notice your facet leaking, make sure to call plumbing services right away to get it figured out. More research here. More like this blog.

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