Have a Better Carpet Installation Experience with These 3 Tips

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Are you going to get new carpet? Many people prefer carpet in the master bedroom. Nearly 40% of people told Houzz that they plan to have a new carpet installation done in this room. Carpets can be good for a lot of reasons. A recent study in Sweden showed that a carpet installation can reduce the amount of allergens in a home by about 70%. Carpets can also help keep a home warmer in the winter. If you are having your carpet professionally installed, there are still things you can do to make the process go more smoothly.

3 Tips for Your Professional Carpet Installation:

1. Lower your costs by doing the carpet removal yourself. You may want to bring carpet contractors to handle the carpet installation but you can tear it out yourself. This will lower the price tag of the installation. If you do not do it yourself, you can have the carpet contractor rip out the old padding and carpet. The issue is that this will cost you whatever the labor costs are for that part of the job. If you are concerned about how hard it is, here are some tips for this part of the job:

  • Thoroughly vacuum the carpet before you remove it. This will reduce the amount of dust and dirt you have to deal with and is generally a good idea.
  • Call the dump or your city department of waste removal and ask about disposing of your old carpet and padding. In some areas, you can leave it by the curb with you garbage but some areas require you bring it to the dump or another site.
  • Remove the old carpet and padding in pieces, not one piece. You can take an exacto knife or other kind of utility knife to cut the old carpet into strips or some other easy to remove it in chunks or pieces.
  • After you are done, get out the vacuum and clean the floor. This will make the new carpet start with a clean floor.

2. Move your furniture. You probably know you need to move your furniture before the professionals come into do your carpet installation. There are ways to make that process go better and be easier for you. You can wait and let the carpet contractors do this but, like with the removal of your old carpet and padding, you will have to pay the labor costs. Here are some ways to make this part of the job go easier:

Keep in mind that you have to remove all of the furniture before the carpet installation can be done. The room on question needs to be completely clear of everything.

Remove all wiring from appliances in the room. If the room in question has any electronic equipment or appliances that are plugged into anything (power, cable, internet, satellite), you need to remove all the wires and connections before you start the carpet installation.

You do not have to do it all yourself to save money. If you find that you cannot move the larger items like your entertainment center, bed or sofa, you can still save money on the labor costs by moving the smaller and lighter objects in the room. You can have your contractor handle the heavier pieces so you can save some money and your back.

If your items are too big for the carpet contractor, hire someone else for those items. Do you have a grand piano? How about a pool table? These kinds of items may be too much for the carpet contractor and you may have to hire someone else to move these items into and out of the room you are carpeting. You will need this for any kind of carpet and flooring installation.

3. Do this last. Make your carpet installation your last remodel project. if you are doing a lot of remodeling, this should be done last. That means even if you are having a hardwood floor installation or a tile installation, those should be finished before you put in your new carpet.

Your new carpet is going to look great in your home. Following these tips will make getting it in your home easier and pain free.

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