Make Your Own Epoxy Poured Flooring

Epoxy poured flooring is a way to design your floor and customize it. There are some necessary steps you must take before starting this process, but if you know what you are doing, it is a great way to spruce up your floor. In this video, you will learn how to make your own epoxy poured flooring and how to apply it.

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The first step is a way to protect your moldings and walls from the flooring. You need to tape up all the edges to make sure no flooring spills onto it. Then, you want to pour on a clear primer that will help the epoxy pour to level out and spread evenly. Instead of using a device to spread the pour, you will learn how to pour the epoxy straight from the bucket which will give your floor some really cool designs.

Many people like have hardwood flooring in their houses. But, sometimes that could get old and boring really quickly. The new age of home improvements is customization. This could be anything from the decor to how the flooring is done. Continue watching this video to see how to do an epoxy pour yourself!

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