Installing a Garage Door Opener

Your garage door can be made more accessible when you install a garage door opener. You will be able to access the open and close function of the garage with just the click of a button. Here are the basic steps for garage door opener installation.

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You’ll first need to be sure that the carriage tube is correctly fitted according to manufacturer standards. Your opener kit will have this information for your specific model. After that, you can mount the carriage tube onto the front of the power unit. You might need to install switches and wiring for some models at this point in the process.

Generally, you will then move on to mounting the carriage tube and bracket to the carriage tube above the door. Two inches above that, you will line up the bottom edge of the header bracket and attach it there. From there will be able to attach the power unit and all the cables that need to connect to the door.

Make sure to disconnect any old wiring before beginning this process. If you need help. reach out to a garage installation company near you today. They will have the best tips on installing and operating your new door opener.


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