Iron vs Aluminum Fencing

More and more people are installing fences to increase security and ensure privacy. Installing a fence, however, takes a lot of work and if you’ve never done it before, it can be quite challenging. That’s why it’s smart to turn to fencing professionals who can ensure that the job gets done right.

Aluminum is a light but durable metal. That said, iron is typically much stronger. However, iron rusts and suffers from corrosion. Aluminum, on the other hand, doesn’t rust and is more corrosion resistant. Iron typically needs to be painted as well, while aluminum can be left to the elements.

If you want to learn about chain fence installation, you can often schedule a consultation with a fence building expert. This professional can survey your yard, looking for trouble spots, and providing advice. He or she can also answer questions like, can I put a fence in my front yard or, how do I calculate how much fence I need?

If you need a custom fencing repair or are considering building a fence door, experts can provide advice with this too. No matter the job to be done, you’ll want it done right.

If you have an area that you want to be surrounded by a fence, there are many types these days to choose from. Getting a chain link fence set is often the quickest and least expensive way to get a fence up around your property. If you aren’t sure which type of fence to choose, ask the fencing professionals about what is available for your space. Some areas have covenants that dictate what kind of fences the people can have, so make sure to read that first before choosing your fencing.

If you need to find cheap fence contractors, it’s a good idea to call around so that you can get a range of price estimates. You may have to have a consultation with a fence company in order to get a solid estimate. You can also find out the per-unit cost of privacy fence panels, and you can compare those costs. The overall cost of fence and installation for it will depend on which type you choose and the area that is to be fenced. A larger area will require more fencing materials. Choosing wood or vinyl fencing would give you a nice-looking fence that is easy to take care of.

Thinking of getting a new fence and not sure what to choose? In this video, the experts dive into iron versus aluminum fences.

Which Looks Better?

In most cases, either metal type looks very similar if you compare two identical designs. However, aluminum will tend to have more screws to keep pieces together whereas iron will typically not have any screws because the pieces are welded together. Even so, the looks are nearly identical and most people cannot tell the difference.

To Rust or Not to Rust

Although iron is known to rust more so than most other metals, modern manufacturing typically applies coats of chemicals resulting in galvanized iron that is rust-resistant for long periods of time. Therefore iron would take decades of neglect before you began to notice rust spots.

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Aluminum on the other hand will not rust, and will not require maintenance to prevent rust.

Versatility and Security

Next, since aluminum fences tend to have visible screws, this means would-be intruders could technical undue the screws and take the fence apart, however with wrought iron fencing they would have to either scale the fence or bring welding materials to get through.

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