Invasion How to Protect Your Family From Would-Be Theives

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The Roman god Janus was the deity of portals, doors, and openings. This notion of transitions was crucial to the Ancient Roman people, likewise windows and doors remain a crucial part of our homes. As questions of security continue to grow throughout the nation, many homeowners are looking for better ways to fortify and secure their home. It is estimated that there is a new home invasion committed in the United States every 13 seconds. Here are three ways that homeowners can secure their home and keep their families safe in these uncertain times.

The Mind as a Foundation

In any emergency, the key is to keep calm and think clearly. In theory this sounds good, but in practice many will find that it can be difficult. Having a rehearsed plan is the best way to approach any disaster. For fires many families designate a meeting spot to ensure that everyone is safe while practicing evacuation routes. In the case of a tornado many families prepare an emergency pack that has necessities like flashlights, a cell phone, first aid kit, and others essentials. Likewise, in the event of a home invasion, families need to have a plan of some kind. To this end, many have invested in safe rooms — a safe room can be as simple as a small room with a secure or hidden door or a private room of the home with security monitors, timed locks, and an emergency phone line.

Advanced Home Security Systems

A growing number of private home security companies have emerged over the past few decades, offering families peace of mind. In the event of a break in, the security system contacts the security company, which will attempt to discourage the invader while contacting police authorities. As technology continues to advance forward, many companies are offering advanced features including front-door video monitoring, carbon monoxide detection, and motion sensors to keep families safer than ever. Many systems offer smartphone compatibility, allowing homeowners to monitor their home even while they are away.

Metal Windows and Doors

Burglars are naturally drawn to exploit vulnerabilities in one’s home — as a homeowner the answer is to simply ensure that there are no vulnerabilities. Since 30% of all burglaries are through an open or unlocked window or door, homeowners should take steps to ensure that their entryways are secured. Installing metal windows and doors can help discourage would-be invaders. Not only are metal windows and doors rated to withstand category 5 hurricane conditions, they are able to withstand all but the most excessive use of force. Steel framed windows and doors are significantly tougher than their conventional counterparts but likewise come in a variety of colors and styles to suit any home. While Janus may not be around to ensure that your home’s portals and entrances are protected, steel windows and doors can certainly help keep invaders out and families secure.

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