5 Things to Think About Before You Build a Fence

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Everyone knows the phrase, “Good fences make good neighors.” It is as true today as it was when it was first uttered. When you have a fence around your property, you can worry less about your boundaries and fight less with the people who live near you. If you have a house and are looking to add a fence, you have a lot of options. In the United States, there are almost 100,000 companies that can help put up a fence or screened porch.

Consider the following 5 ideas before you put up your fence:

  1. Talk to your neighbors. There are some outdoor home renovations that you can make without consulting your neighbors. They will most likely not care if you want to build a screened porch, for instance. They may mind if your new fence blocks their view of the water (or something else). If you want your fence to help you be a good neighbor, take some time to talk to the people around you about your plans. This will save you a lot of stress later on. They may also have suggestions for companies that you can hire to design and build your fence.
  2. Hire a professional fencing company. While putting up a fence may seen simple and straightforward, in reality it is hard to do. You want this to be done right. Your fence will be the first thing people see when they come to your home. People driving by will look at it and they will judge your home on your fence so you want it done right. Unless you have experiene building fences, you should leave that professional dfencing companies. Remember, they can do more than just install your fencing. They can also help you design the perfect fence for your property.
  3. Find a great company to put in your fence. Do you know any homeowners? Do they have fences around their property? Chances are that you know at least one person who has put up a fence at their home. Ask them how they found their fencing companies. Did they like the service they received? Would they recommend them to you? Anytime you can get a personal recommendation for any service, from putting in a screened porch to a new fence, that is always the best way to find a residential fencing companies or any other contractors. Experts say that a well done aluminum fence around a home has a return on investment of about 65%. These also improve the look of most homes. The opposite can be said of a fence that has not been put in correctly.
  4. Think about why you need a fence. How you will use your fence can determine what kind of fence type you need. There are many kinds of fence types. Do you need a fence to keep out noise? Is it being done to protect your privacy? Nearly 80 to 90% of fences constructed in the United States are put up for privacy. These fences need to be thicker and more solid than a simple chain link fence meant to keep the family dog in the yard. Fences can also be part of the home decor. Stephen King, for example, has large wroght iron fencing around his home that is complete with gargoyles. You may not want that but you can make a statement with your fencing.
  5. Remember to put good sized entrances in. If you have a yard, and most people with fences do, you will need to be able to get your garden equipment in and out of it. Leave space for at least two entrances to the yard and make sure larger equipment will be able to get through. This is one area many people forget to think about when they put their fence in.

Anything that is done to the exterior of your home will impact its resale value and how it looks to your friends, family and neighbors. Your screened porch, landscaping and fencing should all compliment the decor of your home and your personal style. That should not limit you in your thinking as you design the best fence for your property. Just keep the overall look in mind.