Installing a Flagstone Patio

A patio installation is a great way to keep your outdoor living space fresh and up to date. Here are the steps you should take when installing a flagstone patio.

Before starting the process of installing a flagstone patio, you need to set up a design and building plan.

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If you want your patio to look as good as possible, the entire process should be planned beforehand to avoid any future problems.

The first step to installing a flagstone patio is putting down 3-4 inches of a type 2 gravel base. This is going to be the foundation for your patio installation so it should be taken very seriously. The next level above the foundation will be your leveling layer. This is going to be done using a finer gravel to level your patio for a nice, even finish. Decomposed granite will be used for this step and it should have what is known as screenings. Screenings are fine powders with dirt and larger pieces of sand that are easy to level and pack very well. You want this to pack well because you are going to be walking on this quite a bit during the installation process.

The last layer is the flagstones themselves which will be put on top of the leveling layer. These flagstones should be 1.5-2 inches thick so you are going to want to dig down about 5-6 inches before you start laying down your patio. When choosing your flagstones, the thickness depends on the use of the stones as well as your price point. The thicker the stones, the more durable and expensive they will be. These are important things to consider when planning your patio installation.

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