How to Start Your Kitchen Remodel

This youTube video from Keith on how to build your own home discusses how to start your first floor remodeling services for your kitchen.

Some agencies like to install kitchen floors before the cabinets. However, Keith prefers to do it the opposite way. It comes down to the way things are cut.

Video Source

With the cabinets in, contractors need to create a 1/4 inch trim.

If the project is completed and doesn’t look clean you will need to follow a few steps to prevent this. All cabinets should be mounted to the wall and not to the floor. This allows you to perform accurate cuts. For instance, if you need to install an island then you could measure the space needed and perform the specific cuts. In turn, there’s no need to add any trim.

Some contractors put a bead of glue around the bottom of the cabinets when they install them. However, Keith says there’s no need to do this. Since the countertops are heavy enough, adding them to cabinet tops makes them sturdy enough. Thus, flooring installation is much easier.

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