How to Maintain Your Pool to Keep it Clean

Having a pool in the comfort of your own home is one good way to destress and cool off at the same time when temperatures go high. There’s also the idea of having fun and doing recreational stuff; however, when the dust has been settled, it can be pretty hard to maintain your pool. Learn more about tips on swimming pool maintenance.

Three C’s of swimming pool maintenance:

Circulation – stagnant pool is a bad thing when it comes to pools.

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However, moving water is proven to be safer and cleaner. It is one of the reasons why having good water circulation in your pool can prevent cloudy water and prevent algae formation. Run the pool pump every day to keep your water clean, and run your filter every week to filter out dirt and other contaminants.

Cleaning – weekly cleaning is beneficial for having clean and safe water in your pool. Whether it has to be skimming, brushing, or vacuuming in the pool, you can also buy an automatic pool cleaner to cut off time.

Chemistry – test water acidity 1 or 2 times a week; you can use test strips or kits to do this or even get your water tested from your local dealership. The more you do this process, the more your water will be great. A good water chemistry means you don’t have problems with your pool


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