How to Layout and Build a Large Staircase

Have you ever wondered how stair contractors layout their stair stringers? Here are some tips on how they layout their stair stringers to get the best possible outcome.

What is a stair stringer? Before making one, it is essential to know stair stringers first. So, what are stair stringers? They are the housing on both sides of the stairs.

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Regular stairs have two stringers, one on each side. They are also the place where the risers and treads are fixed.

Tip #1: Before making your stair stringers, it is highly recommended to make your template. Make sure it is perfect enough, as it will be the deciding factor on what your stair stringer will look like.

Tip #2: Height. Before making your layout, it is essential to measure the accurate height of your framing and your finished floor to be equated to the entire formula of stair contractors. If the floor is still unfinished, try measuring from the subfloor and add the thickness of the upper flooring.

Tip #3: Calculations and measurements. According to the International Residential Code or I.R.C., the depth of each step should be at 10in. And the height of each step should be 7-3/4. However, some jurisdictions allow for a 9-in depth and 8-1/2 height. It is crucial to get accurate measurements to get your stringers equally leveled with the treads and risers. So, use a reliable measuring device for this matter.


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