Fixing Your Water Heater

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Water heater repairs can be costly and frustrating. This article will discuss how to make sure your pilot light is lit in the event your heater cuts out.

First thing to do is to conduct a visual inspection of the tank for any obvious signs of a leak. You also can check the status light. Remove the panel that covers the burner door and sight glass, and check through the sight glass to see if the pilot is lit. From here you can conduct a thermopile test and see if the thermopile needs to be replaced.

If it’s a pilot light issue, you need to check other gas sources first, like a stove, to make sure that gas is only being cut off to the water heater pilot light. Check to make sure the gas valve to the appliance is on. Then spark the ignitor and light the pilot, holding down the gas control knob to ensure the pilot stays lit.

Remember when checking the status light that one blinks every three seconds is normal operation, 2 flashes is a weak thermal pile voltage, and any more than 3 flashes means there’s an issue with the gas control valve. This will need to be replaced.

Hopefully, these tips can get you started in the right direction. For more information, click on the link to the video above.


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