How to Decorate a Double Wide Mobile Home

Mobile homes come in a wide range of different styles, depending on the era they were built. They are often constructed with materials that are not as sturdy or durable as those in single-family houses. Mobile homeowners have to take steps to protect their investment. Here are some tips on how to decorate a double wide mobile home so it will stay clean and fresh for years.

Hire an Interior Designer

Hiring an interior designer is a good idea when contemplating how to decorate a double wide mobile home. Often, mobile homes are very compact, which makes it difficult to decorate the space. An interior designer can help you navigate all of your options to create a beautiful living space that will meet all of your needs. Knowing your limitations is important. An interior designer will be aware of them. While they may not be able to change the physical limitations of the structure itself, they can make suggestions on how these limitations can be worked around to ensure you get the most out of every square foot available.

An interior designer should also understand all aspects of design; their focus should be on decorating and functionality and how spaces flow together. A good interior designer should also consider any existing furniture or art pieces that you already have to ensure that they will work within the new space.

In addition, a good interior designer will work on your budget, giving you options along the way of how certain things can be accomplished based on cost. They should also be open to working with your preferred styles, whether traditional or modern.

Finally, good designers are aware of current trends and are up-to-date on what looks in style. An interior designer who knows these current trends will help you keep your decor looking fresh and stylish. Therefore, do not hesitate to include them when including various tips on how to decorate a double wide mobile home.

Paint the Outside

Painting is a great tip when learning how to decorate a double wide mobile home. The first step to painting a double wide home is to choose the right paint. Some paints adhere better than others, and some will stand up to certain elements better than others. For instance, if you live in a cold climate and your home may be exposed to extreme temperatures, you will not want to choose an indoor-use only product or those made for warmer climates.

As for which paint colors work best on mobile homes, it often depends on your model style. Some people prefer to keep their home as close as possible to the original color to detract from the effect they were going for when customizing it. In contrast, others like brightening things up with some sunburst shades or even bold primary colors that contrast sharply against anything but plain white. Beyond the color, you will need to make sure that the paint you choose comes with a warranty since it will be on display for everyone who passes by to see it.

Ideally, your home should be clean before you even begin thinking about painting it. You may also want to cover up some plumbing and electrical fixtures or appliances, which are more important than others. Once everything is covered and secured, you are ready to begin priming first and then add your top coat.

Ensure that once you have finished painting your double wide mobile home, no wet areas are left behind that could attract unwanted attention. You may have to begin your work early in the morning or at night so that you will not feel rushed. If possible, do not paint when there are high winds since these can mess up your job and cause unsightly results.

If done correctly, painting a double wide mobile home does not have to be an arduous task. Nor should it cause damage that might result in costly repair bills down the road or even non-warranty issues when you have already consulted your lawyer to sell the property to cover up a mortgage loan. Keep in mind that most mobile homes are custom made when doing exterior repairs or upgrades to ensure everything looks its best for everyone who drives by.

Make Use of Mirrors

You probably do not want to forget about mirrors when contemplating how to decorate a double wide mobile home. A double wide mobile home needs to utilize space creatively and differently than that of a typical house. One easy and cost-effective way to decorate your living space is by using mirrors. Using mirrors as an interior design tool can open up rooms, add depth, bounce light around and give your sense of space some extra excitement.

If you utilize floor-to-ceiling windows, you can get plenty of other benefits from using mirrors other than just for decoration. Using mirrors next to each window would work well but placing them on alternating walls throughout your living room or bedroom would work great. Use mirrors to create instant partitions between spaces if you have large open areas in your home without dividing walls.

If you are stuck trying to figure out what you should do with the rest of your walls, try incorporating mirrors. Placing them next to windows or above fireplaces could instantly bring some style and class into any space.

Get Some Cheap Furniture

Cheap furniture is often the best way for anyone looking to furnish their home but can’t spend an infinite amount of money. Instead of choosing expensive name-brand furniture that will only be in style for a season or two, opting for used or inexpensive living room decor can be even more appealing when it comes to making your house feel like a lived-in home. Here are some essentials for decorating your double wide mobile home with cheap furniture:

Sofas and loveseats: One of the most important pieces in any house, you want to make sure you have comfy seating options available in your living area. The chances are good that you’ll have company throughout from time to time, so getting a cheap couch or two is a great way to go.

Coffee and end tables: they are not an absolute necessity like couches or dining area chairs but are still an important part of any solid furnishing plan. They can provide additional storage space for lamps or other decor, as well as serve as a place to set down your drink while watching television. You’ll likely want at least one in each room you sit in so that you have somewhere to set things up when you want to relax, so go ahead and start looking for cheap furniture options now.

Get creative: Finally, the best thing you can do when furnishing your double wide mobile trailers is to get creative with your decor ideas. Instead of taking the easy route by buying cheap furniture from a local retail store, try using what you have at hand to fashion together an inexpensive yet stylish way to keep things organized in your living room or den. Cheap isn’t just about saving money but also about being resourceful and coming up with new ideas for making functional pieces of furniture out of nothing more than scrap material. Therefore, ensure you incorporate furniture pieces when planning how to decorate a double wide mobile home.

Getting Some Drapes or Curtains

The use of drapes and curtains is another great idea when drafting how to decorate a double wide mobile home. You will immediately notice how your new drapes warm up the room and give it an overall cozier feeling. You can go with traditional curtain rods or even decorative ones if you like to make openings for windows and sliding doors more interesting and beautiful.

You may use one color of fabric across all windows. This is probably the most common choice, but you can also opt for different colors and fabrics, depending on where they need to be placed (for example: in the living room, dining room, and kitchen).

Wherever you place them, most people choose standard size panels that fit most windows sizes out there, but if you want to make them look different, you may opt for custom-made coverings. Ensure that they come with blackout lining or other lining material to create good insulation against temperature changes. This is particularly important in summer when hot air comes inside your home and in wintertime when cold air makes its way inside.

Use Plants, Flowers, Shrubs, and Trees

A double wide mobile home doesn’t have to look just like a regular, old, boring house. You can use plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees when contemplating how to decorate a double wide mobile home and make it much more appealing than before. Be sure to consult an arborist to get ideas on the best trees to use.

For starters, if you want to make your lawn look nice, then try purchasing three different types of bushes that form into one bush. This will cost around $50 at most stores, but you should purchase those which best match the color of your exterior siding (the walls). However, this does not mean you can incorporate the bushes on the walls only. You can still add them beautifully alongside your fence the moment you are done with your fence installation. If there is no obvious color match, you can use a paint sprayer to color the exterior siding to match with the plants. Next, you’ll need a tree for your lawn and some flowers surrounding it. It would be best to use plant hangers or plant holders, so there is no risk of anything happening to them because this will ensure they stay alive longer than usual. If you do not have the time to take care of the plants, you can always hire tree care services to ensure they thrive.

When buying flowers, make sure you buy a variety of colors because this will help your double wide mobile home look better and give it more character. The kind of flowers you pick depends on your tastes, but typically there are three different kinds of flower options to choose from: annuals, perennials, and bulbs.

The best time to pick flowers, bushes, and trees is in the springtime because they are usually in full bloom when this occurs. Once you have them planted in your double wide mobile home exterior, ensure that you continue watering them even if it rains or snows. When winter comes around, at least plant a big bush outside of your window so that way when snow builds up, it won’t block your view from looking outside.

Add Solar Lights Along Pathways Leading to Steps

Many additional outdoor solar lights can be used when contemplating how to decorate a double wide mobile home. A highlight for walkways, paths, and sidewalks is using solar light fixtures fixed directly along these routes leading to steps. These applications provide illumination for pedestrians traveling in dim light conditions by improving visibility and safety. Exterior lighting installed by your local electrician also provides added security which assists in the prevention of crime. Illuminating exterior pathways with bright lighting fixtures will allow people to see their way more clearly, which helps them feel safer when entering or exiting the dwelling. The addition of outside path lighting offers homeowners an opportunity to add embellishments that can create an impressive entranceway while adding visual impact at night time. Indoor spaces should be properly decorated with solar lighting fixtures to create an inviting atmosphere necessary for any room in the home.

Living spaces like family rooms and dining rooms can benefit from bright outdoor solar lights that will illuminate these areas to brighten up any room in the house. Solar path lighting emits a lot of light; therefore, they are perfect additions to indoor and outdoor paths leading through gardens, patios, or even swimming pools. Appropriate exterior lighting permits homeowners to utilize their outdoor spaces in living areas while providing optimal security. Adding an adequate amount of outside lights around the house allows people to enjoy their surroundings while offering protection. With all this being said, exterior lighting should be limited to decorating and providing proper illumination by highlighting the home’s exterior. The use of lighting does not have to be limited to a certain space. It can be used in many areas, such as the walkway and stairs.

Understanding how to decorate a double wide mobile home can be challenging if you do not know what you’re doing. However, it is usually less expensive than redecorating a traditional house or apartment because of their size and the materials used in constructing them. Decorating tips like using tires along walkways for this type of living space can help you create an interior design that suits your lifestyle needs.

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