A Video Guide to Cooling Tower Parts

If you own a very large home, your HVAC system will be more complicated than one for a smaller home. In some cases, large HVAC systems need to have cooling towers. These cooling towers help HVAC systems regulate temperatures better than they otherwise could.

The video posted here is a great introduction to cooling tower parts. No matter the size of cooling tower you need, it will be constructed in basically the same way as all other cooling towers.

Video Source

Cooling towers use water or other liquids to absorb and release heat. Typically, they consist of a motorized fan, water pump, water supply basin, and draft tower. All of these parts work together to move water and the heat it carries away from HVAC systems and your home in general. Cooling towers should be relatively contained, and since they are so simple, you may be able to install one yourself.

Watch the video to get an in-depth description of each cooling tower part listed above and to learn how they work to keep your home cool and comfortable at all times. If you do need assistance from an HVAC professional, you may want to contact a team that does both commercial and residential work.

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