How Fencing Can Enhance a Property

Not all properties have fences installed on the premises, but wooden, brick, or chain link fencing can do a lot of good for a home or commercial site. Fencing for your home can serve not only to keep out intruders and stray animals, but also work as landscaping, and entrance gates are another attractive feature to modern fencing. Not all homeowners have or might even need fencing, but those who invest in it are taking part in a robust and popular industry for their property. In fact, as of 2016, the American fencing market had a value close to $7 billion or so, and it may reach a value of $11.5 billion by the year 2024 as more homeowners get fencing of their own. A homeowner may install their own fencing, or they can hire fencing contractors to get the job done just right.

Types of Fences

There is more than one way, and more than one reason, to build a fence. Different types of fences serve different purposes, and this is something for a property owner to bear in mind before they purchase or install an expensive fence and its features.

One common model of fence is the chain-link fence. This is a common sight in nearly urban or suburban area, and chain link fences are used everywhere from basketball courts and tennis courts to school campuses and homes. One attractive feature about these fences is that they are easy to install and maintain, and their chain links give a person an easy view of their surroundings. If someone lives in an attractive area, they may not want a wooden fence to block the sights of their neighborhood, so chain link fences can help. These fences may also be among the less expensive ones, but price will vary. The disadvantages to chain link fences are that they provide no privacy of any kind, and they are relatively easy for people to climb. Dogs and wild animals will be deterred by a chain link fence, but people can and often do climb right over them. Wire cutters are also usable on these fences to create a hole. Such fences are best used where security is not a major concern.

Wooden fences are another popular option, and in some ways are the opposite of chain-link fence arrays. These fences offer a great deal of privacy for the homeowner at the expense of seeing their neighborhood’s panorama, but in some cases, this is an easy trade to make. A homeowner who lives a private lifestyle, or who has expensive items in their backyard, may want such privacy from wooden fences. On top of that, wooden fences are attractive, as many wooden items are, and can serve as excellent landscaping while protecting the home from spying behavior and intrusions. Such fences can easily have gates installed in them, complete with locks. However, a homeowner should take care that the horizontal support beams are on the inside face of the fence and not the outside, since these bars are a convenient set of handholds and footholds for anyone who would want to climb the fence.

Brick or stone fences are another model sometimes used, but they may be more expensive than wooden or chain link fences (exact prices will vary). And in some areas, these fences are not even allowed. But if they are allowed, and installed, they provide ample protection and privacy alike, being even tougher than wooden fences and being nearly impossible to climb on either side. Such fences may be commonly used for larger facilities such as a warehouse, an office, or a large estate rather than an ordinary suburban home. Such fences may have wrought iron gates worked into them, and such gates are typically powered with motors for ease of use.

Get the Fence

A homeowner may install a simple wooden or chain link fence alone, but a more dedicated job means calling upon fencing contractors who will have the skills, tools, and materials to get this done. These workers may even use drills and powerful machinery to create fence post holes in tough soil or clay, and they can expertly assemble any type of fence desired. A homeowner can look online and visit the websites of local fencing contractors.

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